Fort Dodge Kansas State Soldiers Home – Fort Dodge, Kansas

soldiers home.jpgFort Dodge Kansas State Soldiers Home – Fort Dodge, Kansas

Built in 1859 of sod and adobe Fort Dodge was the last US Army fort located before the Civil War and in 1865 was the first fort opened after the Civil War.  Fort Dodge was to guard travelers on the Santa Fe Trail to keep them safe from the Indians.

In 1882 the military abandoned the fort and the citizens of Dodge City purchased the old garrison and the state converted it to an Old Soldiers Home, accepting its first resident on January 1, 1890.

Today several buildings are open for tours, and visitors are welcome to walk or drive through the grounds.

Location:  714 Sheridan, Fort Dodge, Kansas 67843

Phone: 316-227-2121

Admission: Free

Open: Year round 

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  1. Koleen Nosekabel

    I have looked at every web site I can find for information on how to become a resident of Fort Dodge Soldier’s Home.
    Can you help?


  2. The Fort Dodge Soldier’s Home is a tourist site where history can be studied and the past relived, but it is not a residential facility.


    I am sending you a link to a site that has information on it for the Solider’s Home through the Veterans’ Administration.  When I responded previously I was responding to the museum and not to the home, for that I sincerely apologize. 


    Good luck with your quest.


    Pat Watson


   This should give you the information you want.

  3. Linda McCormack

    My brother is a resident at the Soldier’s home. He had to go through his social worker at the Veteran’s Administration.

  4. Thank you so much for telling me about your brother. It cleared up a question from another reader and I was able to provide her with a site to visit to get more information to help her.

    Our sites are grateful for readers such as you who help us help others. Thank you again!

    Pat Watson

  5. Fort Dodge was established in 1865 not 1859.
    The first housing were dugouts with canvas roofs dug into the bank of the Arkansas River not sod or adobe.

  6. One of my ancestors, a Civil War veteran, is buried in the Fort Dodge Cemetery. I found his headstone. I assume he was a resident of Fort Dodge. How would I find out when he became a resident and if his wife joined him there? Can someone tell me where those records are kept. Thank you.