Mount Muncie Cemetery – Lansing, Kansas

Mt Muncie Cemetery_1.jpgMount Muncie Cemetery – Lancing, Kansas

Just take a trip through this cemetery and you will have the opportunity to delve into the history of a wide range of those that have impacted history and those that are the forgotten masses.  But along with that you will learn about the hardships of life in the 1800’s and the political stories that formed the structure of Kansas.

You will be able to see the graves of the notorious murders from the Capote story of In Cold Blood, Richard Eugene Hickock and Perry Edward Smith. These two murders had planned the murders of the family from Kansas (Clutter) to steal their money.  The murder took place and then the murders found there wasn’t a safe or lots of money, they ended up taking just a radio and other more or less worthless items.  All that horror and they thought it was great fun.  They were captured in January of 1960 and later hanged at the prison and buried at Mount Muncie Cemetery.

Also buried at the cemetery is the brother of Susan B. Anthony.  Daniel Read Anthony and his son are buried at the cemetery.  He was a well known, influential person in the state.

The Baby Mounds (think of the mounds of Indian burials) are also something of interest.  There are two different areas that are there with the central stone and the little stones in circles around the main one.  There are hundreds of these babies buried here since it was in the 1800’s and medical care was not what it is today, lots of babies died in their young life and were buried together at the cemetery.

As you can see, this cemetery will afford you the opportunity to learn a great deal of the founding history of this area of the state.  Visiting a cemetery may seem like a strange thing to do on a trip, but if you are a history buff or interested in the formation of an area of the country you can learn a great deal by visiting the past…therefore…the cemetery.


Location: 1500 N 8th St., Lansing, Kansas

Open Daily from 7AM to Sunset

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  1. I am seeking information on two of my relatives that are buried there at Muncie Cemetery. One is Mary Elizabeth Nelson Carter born Jun 1884 and died Aug 1931,

    The other is Linnie Hereford Kempt or Kent (our family uses both names depending on the section of family and although we knew her as Linnie, her given name could be Melinda or Linda, or another similar name) She was born 10 Sept 1887 and died 18 Feb 1920.

    I would be extremely interested in an obit on either woman or cause of death, the section these two Aunts are buried, anything on the funeral cards, including who paid for the funeral, any siblings, family members mentioned, cause of death, the funeral home that handled the burial if any. I had respiratory failure, and am now disabled with a permanent tracheostomy tube, so traveling is just no longer possible for me. I would appreciate any suggestions and I can’t afford to pay for research, but would of course pay for any charge to copy and mail any information to me. Thank you, Teresa McCallan Wilson

  2. I have visited Mt.Muncie and noticed a stone with five babies faces on it,,The names are Dr J.T.Weed and wife Adellia..all five of the children died within a day of beng born or the longest one lived 9 moths..there is one set of twins one name is Bueno Vista Weed..I just an so interested in why all the children died all were born a year or less of each other,Does anyone have any info on them… Please use my email address of you know anything,,I find this so very sad but interesting..From the stone it appears that Dr.Weed was a prominent person in those parts..Thank you for any help you can give me..Nela Bruner